Friday, January 20, 2017

Why Trump

After 8 years of B.Obama and 20 years without a really conservative president, the victory of a republican was almost inevitable. There was only one possibility how a democrat could have reached the White House this time - a very bad republican candidate and a very good democrat candidate. Only the first part of this necessary condition was satisfied. We had very bad candidates on both sides. That was a direct consequence of the system of primary election, where only about 15% of american electors voted for two final candidates together. Trump has got slightly more than 45% in the republican primaries - about 14 millions voted for him. This is about 5% of eligible population of 231 million (and about 4% of voting age population of 251 million). The votes in US primary elections are accumulated state-by-state. Thus the less popular candidates give up before the end. If the primary elections take place simultaneously in all states, Trump would certainly receive even less votes. So less then 5% of Americans have decided who becomes the president.

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