Monday, December 11, 2006

Israel (2) - Dilbert can say it better

This got me thinking again about my own opinions on the Palestinian problem. People like to say it’s unsolvable because it’s so “complicated.” But to me it really boils down to one question: If Israel did everything that was asked of it (short eliminating itself), would its enemies stop trying to annihilate it ?
As a rational person, you might be tempted to imagine yourself in the shoes of the Palestinians and say “of course!” Unfortunately, you are not in charge of the Palestinians. Hammas is. And their stated policy is the elimination of Israel. As long as that’s their written objective, Israel’s only sensible policy is to keep them so weakened they can’t raise a proper army. And while I feel that collective punishment in disguise is grotesque, how do you ask Israel to stop acting sensibly ? And while Israel is at it, they might as well pick up some real estate too. What’s the worst thing that could happen – the Palestinians will get mad ?

Scott Adams (Dilbert)