Friday, October 18, 2019

I hope so

Before 1989, whenever there was a problem in communist regimes, they used to say that CIA did it.
And I always though: I hope so.

Now, many say that FBI is behind the White House whistleblower.
I hope so.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Nuclear Math

Simple math:
1 nuclear reactor (lifetime 60 years) =
1500 wind turbines (20 years) =
4km x 4km of solar panels (15 years)

Which means, among other things, that the price of the wind turbines should be multiplied by 3 and that of solar panels by 4 when comparing with nuclear energy.

All this also supposes that we can store enough energy (which we cannot yet) and transport it to large distance (not yet either).

Also, a one person lifetime electricity consumption, if all generated by nuclear reactors, create about a coffee cup of waste - which we know how to handle. Unlike the much bigger amount of waste generated by wind and solar stations.