Monday, March 24, 2008

Proc chci americkou radarovou zakladnu v Cesku ?

Je nutne jasne rici oba duvody:

  1. Obecny vojensky duvod: Myslim, ze neni pochyby o tom, ze drive ci pozdeji nektere teroristicka skupina nebo zeme zvladne jadernou technologii - a pouzije ji. Nevime, kdo to bude. Muze to byt Iran, Pakistan nebo nekdo jiny. S pripravou obrany nemuzeme cekat, az raketa vyleti. Neni jiste, jestli americky protiraketovy system bude fungovat. Ale je jasne, bude fungovat lepe, nez system zadny.

  2. Cesky strategicky duvod: Radar bude fungovat i kdyz nebude v Cesku ale v nektere sousedni zemi. Pro Cesko je ale dulezita existence americke vojenske zakladny. Jedine americka pritomnost ochrani Cesko pred znovuzrozenou imperialni chuti Ruska. Rusko byla nejvetsi imperialni mocnost 20teho stoleti (jak je videt z mapy ruskych kolonii). Cesko se mohlo zbavit ruske okupace jen diky docasnemu oslabeni imperia. Rusko se ale opet zveda a chova se cim dal agresivneji.

A jeste vzkaz panu Gorbacovovi: Ano, radar ma Cesko chranit i proti Rusku. A Vy se divite ?
Russian Colonies in 20th Century

Free Tibet

TibetFree Tibet !
Does it seem impossible ?
Do you remember 1989 ? Did the fall of russian communist empire look possible in early 80's ? Despite that it has become reality.Remember, that China is a communist dictature.
Chinese dissidents do exist, here is their petition concerning Tibet:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sarkozy, pourquoi il perd ?

Sarkozy a tenté de convaincre les électeurs de droite qu'il effectue les réformes et les électeurs de gauche qu'il ne le fait pas. Mais l'effet est exactement le contraire. Ses partisans sont profondément déçus par l'absence de réformes radicales (qui ont été promis pendant la campagne). Les gauches l'déteste, peu importe ce qu'il fait. C'est l'instinct de la gauche française: la gauche = bien (l'extrême gauche = très bien), la droite = Le Mal.

Sarkozy devrait cesser d'essayer de séduire ceux qui l'haïssent et de commencer à mettre en œuvre ses promesses de réforme. Il ne reste plus beaucoup de temps !

Friday, March 21, 2008

Athenaeum with Cool Payloads

New mini-release of Athenaeum contains testing parameter files for LAr Cool payloads encrypted by Root&Pool. Those files are available from the Athenaeum/src/net/hep/atlas/Core/Athenaeum/Test directory within Athenaeum distribution (you can download it or get it from the CERN Java repository in /afs/

All those files can be tested in CERN using following commands:

source /afs/
athenaeum http:/ insider Cool

Within complete Athenaeum distribution, complete test can be performed with ant check command.

This is the status of LAr encrypted payloads under Athenaeum:

  • LArRampComplete - OK

  • LArPedestalComplete - Athena crash

  • LArAutoCorrComplete - OK

  • LAruA2MeVMC - Athena crash

  • LArShapeComplete - OK

  • LArOFCComplete - OK

  • LArDAC2uAMC - Athena crash

  • LArDetCellParamsComplete - no testing data

  • LArMphysOverMcalComplete - OK

  • LArCaliWaveContainer - OK

  • LArCaliPulseParamsComplete - no testing data

Up-to-date status is available from the here.

Athenaeum command has been described in another post.

(currently unavailable) Note, that JAS3-based graphical client (or simple athenaeum command) is more suitable than Web Service for browsing detailed payloads. While Web Service makes browsing simpler (there is nothing to install), running within Web Client poses additional restrictions to the available memory and bandwidth.

Monday, March 17, 2008

New GraXML Features

I have released a new minor version of GraXML. Besides bug-fixes, it has two new features:

  • Right-click on objects in TreeView pops up menu with graphical operations applicable to
    associated geometrical object. User can choose one or several objects. Only leafs are supported.
    Some items perform directly the operation (like making object transparent or wireframe), Picking
    selects object for further actions (like changing of color via top-right panel). More actions will be added later,
    including interactions with associated programs (e.g.Atlantis).

  • User can show a scene floor, which is placed below the scene.

User using WebStart to call GraXML will get this new version automatically on next call. Both GraXML Web Start
and Atlantis+GraXML Web Start are updated.
GraXML with Floor and Popup Actions