Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Modern History of Russia

In red are regions still occupied by Russia or under Russian attack.
  • January 1919: Attack on Poland. The Russians were stopped 20 km in front of Warsaw. They were ultimately deterred and forced to sign peace agreement, where they have recognized the independence of Ukraine and Belorussie. The Russia has soon violated that agreement and reoccupied Ukraine and Belorussie.
  • December 1924: Attack on Estonia. Unsuccessful.
  • 1934: Attack on Chinese province Xinjiang.
  • November 1939: Attack on Finland. Finland resisted successfully, but lost 10% of its territory.
  • September 1939: Occupation of Poland, together with Germany.
  • June 1940: Occupation of of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Bessarabia and Bukovina. The consequence of alliance with Germany.
  • June 1941: Russia has been treacherously (as stated by Stalin) attacked by its ally Germany. This is since the Bolshevik revolution the only case, when another country has invaded Russia. 
  • 1945: Direct annexation of large territories in the south and east. Among others Ruthenia. Annexation of Konigsberg.
  • August 1945: Annexation of Kurils and Sakhalin.
  • 1946-50: Participation in Chinese Civil War.
  • 1950-53: Participation in Korean War. Kim Ir Sen arrived to Korea from Russia, his korean was marginal.
  • 1956: Occupation of Hungary.
  • 1965-74: Participation in Vietnam Civil War.
  • 1967-69: Participation in War of Attrition.
  • 1968: Occupation of Czechoslovakia.
  • March 1969: Annexation of Chinese border-region in Ussuri river.
  • 1975-94: Participation in Angolan Civil War.
  • 1977-79: Participation in Ogaden War.
  • December 1979: Occupation of Afghanistan.
  • March 1992: Annexation of part of Moldovan territory (Transnistria).
  • August 2006: Annexation of part of Georgian territory (South Ossetia, Abkhazia).
  • March 2014: Annexation of Crimea. Attack on Ukraine.
  • 2011: Participation in Syrian Civil War.

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