Tuesday, May 16, 2017

See you in 5 years

France and Europe have been saved, but only for a moment. E.Macron seems to have successfully merged reasonable left and right people in the democratic center. The danger is that the only significant opposition will now come from the left and right fanatical extremes. And it is not excluded, that in 5 years, someone will manage to do a similar operation which Macron has made in the democratic center - but this time on the extremes. That someone will merge the fanatics from left and right. The economical and foreign programs of FN and Phi are already almost identical. The aim of both is basically to isolate France from the democratic world by leaving all democratic institutions, aligning France with Putin Russia and build a socialism in one country. The only significant difference is in the question of immigration, but even here the opinions converge. So far, the fusion of FN and Phi is unthinkable mostly due to personal and historical animosities. But what happens, if someone new appears, not hindered by those obstacles ? He could quite easily assemble all extreme fanatics, who together made almost 50% in last elections. See you in 5 years.

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