Monday, July 13, 2015

Greek Path

The whole Greek psycho-drama is not about a debt or an austerity. Everybody knows, that the large part of the debt will be erased. IMF says is quite clearly already now. People can't pay during generations for mistakes of their fathers. The question is different: Could Greece transform itself into a modern European state ? Liberal democracy & free market ? This is a necessary condition for staying in the same monetary union with others. Such transformation is a very difficult and painful exercise, with very uncertain result. Maybe it's too difficult and Greece should stay, where it is (and abandon Euro). Especially now, when Greece is governed by a radical marx-leninist group, who has a completely different aim. They want to build a kind of popular democracy. A real socialism, in other words. The system which has never worked, but they are sure that this time, it will.

Greece should decide what they want. They have three choices:

  1. Transform their state into modern European state, as in > 98% of Europe. And keep Euro.
  2. Build a "popular democracy" following Syriza neo-leninist ideology.
  3. Keep, what they are. Poor, but happy country :-)

(And starting a negotiation 2% against 98% by insulting everybody else is not very efficient way to get a good deal.)

The Syriza marx-leninist background explains, by the way, the crazy history of the Greek referendum. They called it a lesson of democracy.  This referendum was not organised to ask people a question. It was clear from the beginning that the result will be ignored. The only aim was the mobilization of the political consciousness (using the leninist terminology).

To see better, what is Syriza like:

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